SunPure Industries Ltd. is a startup cannabis and hemp cultivation company under the Canadian Cannabis Act.

​The SunPure brand will feature craft cannabis strains ideally suited for Canada’s emerging medical and recreational marijuana markets.  Our comprehensive quality control program will ensure safe and reliable products that are responsibly grown delivered with unparalleled customer service.  

Our focus is on outdoor growing as well as growing inside of state-of-the-art greenhouses.  Our farm and processing facility will reside in Armstrong, British Columbia boasting some of the most exceptional growing conditions for cannabis in Canada!


the greenhouse advantage


​Greenhouse vs Indoor Growing

Cannabis plants grown in a greenhouse benefit from full spectrum light which can only be produced by the sun. Greenhouse grown marijuana requires approximately 70% less energy than indoor grown product. This is much better for our environment and produces a much superior 'sun grown' product!

Controlled ECO System

​The growing conditions inside the greenhouse are monitored by a specialized computer system to control air movement, temperature, humidity and several other factors.  

What Does This All Mean?

Through the efficient and sustainable agricultural practices of our state-of-the-art greenhouse facility, we can offer consistent sun grown cannabis products of the highest standards, quality and value. 

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The Canadian Cannabis Act clears the way for whole hemp plant utilization. 

SunPure Industries Ltd. has been issued a multi year Industrial Hemp License that allows the sale of leaves, flowers and branches (the whole plant) to be processed for CBD extraction.

​The new hemp regulations could allow Canada to dominate the CBD market just as it dominates industrial hemp.